Beautiful Nature

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Iran has unique and gorgeous nature. Hot deserts in middle and East , high mountains at West, dense forests and Caspian sea at North, beautiful Persian gulf at South, and ...

History and Mythology

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When we talk about Persia we're talking about an old nation, the first empire of the world , Miraculous and glorious historical places, Islamic architecture, old and improved traditions and ...


For thousands of years Iranian people innovate many kind of foods and drinks. beside this long life of this nation, huge variety of folks make recipes very different. many kinds of foods, drinks, sweets , pickles and ...


If you're interested in cultural things, Persian culture is a perfect and great one. Nowruz festival , religious holy days, gorgeous and distinct literature, ancient knowledge and observations are just some parts of Persian culture ...

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December 4, 2019

World Heritage Sites in Iran, Best Places Worth Visiting

There are 22 cultural and 2 natural world heritage sites in Iran designated by UNESCO. Iran, this gifted country shines like a scarce diamond among the […]
November 30, 2019

Persepolis, the Heritage of the Ancient Kingdom of Iran

Persepolis or Takht-Jamshid (the throne of Jamshid) (also called Parseh) is the name of the legendary city that was the capital of Achaemenians. A wonderful city […]
November 25, 2019

Most Delightful Famous Iranian Waterfalls

Iran is a mountainous country full of natural intact scapes. Although it is known as the country of deserts being in long drought periods, there are […]
November 14, 2019

Abgoosht, That fatty, Superdeliciouse Iranian food

Dizi or Abgoosht is one of the most favorite food among Iranian people. A dish that gathers members of the family all around the dining table. […]